Glitches and Oddities

While Speedrunning various games I of course entcounter a glitsch/bug or other strange things from time to time. Sometimes I am lucky enough to capture them. You can find the most recent list by clicking on this Youtube Playlist

30.03.2018 by MilkToast
Extendend my Twitch Channel

The more you use it the more you learn, I extendend my Twitch Channel with some neat features. Check out the update at Twitch.tv

29.03.2018 by MilkToast
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Speedrun

I did it! I completed a full Speedrun of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis in 55m on the Amiga. I decided to play the Team path and beat it under 1h so I can get WR for gods knows how long. Watch it at: Youtube or Twitch.tv

25.03.2018 by MilkToast
ETQW Demo Recordings

I was playing the heck out of this game for nearly a decade so I decided to share some of my random recordings from the last years. Check out the Pacific Campaign Youtube Playlist

16.03.2018 by MilkToast
Battle Isle Mount & Fight

So I went back to play some more Battle Isle and I finished Level 5 Live on Twitch.tv

08.03.2018 by MilkToast
The Settlers II Speedruns

So it was about time to check out The Settlers II and I am glad I did. Its different to the first one in its winning condition and campaign structure. I completed Level 1,2 and 4 - Go check them out on Speedrun.com I also streamed Level 1 Live on Twitch.tv

03.03.2018 by MilkToast
Warlords II Speedruns

So after adding the Warlords series to Speedrun.com and submitting my old Warlords runs (instant verify ;) ), I tried Part 2. After some tests I streamed most of my attempts Live on Twitch and set some decent times for some of the levels. Really great game. Speedrun.com & Twitch.tv

13.02.2018 by MilkToast
Warlords Series on Speedrun.com

The whole Warlords Series is now available on Speedrun.com (thx to me). Check it out and challenge us. Speedrun.com

13.02.2018 by MilkToast
Twitch Channel went live

I was thinking, that if I do some runs anyway I can also stream my poorly attempts. So here we go, my Twitch-Channel went online. Twitch.tv

12.02.2018 by MilkToast
Small Makeover (UI-Design)

Just changed the design in some areas, a bit more here and there...so much work to do :)

12.02.2018 by MilkToast
Send free MilkToasts around the World

Now you can donate some nice and fresh MilkToast to everybody in the universe. Just click on the Link below to start sharing. Send MilkToasts.

03.02.2018 by MilkToast
Blog launched

To cover up more details about speedrunning games on the amiga I launched my new blog. Visit Blog.

19.01.2018 by MilkToast
Monkey Island 2 Le Chuck's Revenge

So here is my Speedrun of Monkey Island 2. 3rd place was more than I was hoping for in the beginning, it went almost well and I am sure can be a bit faster. Speedrun.com.

09.01.2018 by MilkToast
MilkToastUdios v.7 ['TubuLa'] Launched

New Year new Design, so lets see how the new Look will work out.

07.01.2019 by MilkToast
Secret of Monkey Island

Was about time, well I cant really content with the CD-Version, but I am sure I can at least beat 5th place in the near future Speedrun.com.

17.12.2018 by MilkToast
Kings Quest 6 Worldrecord

Wow what a game! Unfair but overall Fun, I dont know what to think about this. Got the WR for Amiga...woohoo! Speedrun.com.

02.12.2018 by MilkToast
Flight of the Amazon Queen Worldrecord

Next Adventure, next WR. Well with only me in the list this was kinda easy. Speedrun.com.

01.12.2018 by MilkToast
Giana Sisters Speedrun

Ahhh....Classic Giana Sisters is classic :) Youtube.com.

27.11.2018 by MilkToast
Battle Isle Exoty

Level 2 of my Battle Isle Series is available now. Youtube.com.

17.11.2018 by MilkToast
New Hook Worldrecord

Just a small snack between the meals :) Getting the Hook WR was fairly easy lets see how long this will stay. Speedrun.com.

10.11.2018 by MilkToast
New Loom Worldrecord

Yes I did it! After an epic battle against firefyte I was able to claim back the Loom WR. Neat! Speedrun.com.

05.11.2018 by MilkToast
Loon Stairway Glitsch

I discovered a small glitsch during my attempts to beat the current WR in Loom. You cancheck it out on youtube. Youtube.com.

30.10.2018 by MilkToast
Battle Isle Conra

Hell yeah some TBS-Game again. Now Battle Isle! I am planning to cover the whole campaign in over the next year. You can watch my runs on youtube: Youtube.com .

28.10.2018 by MilkToast
Settlers Level 2/3/6/19

Well I was in the right mood of running some Settlers Levels. Now 4 new WR are set on Speedrun.com. Hope someday I will find a challenger. Speedrun.com.

07.10.2018 - 21.10.2018 by MilkToast
Loom Speedruns

So I turned my attention to some Adventure Games and started with all time classic Loom by LucasArts. Speedrun.com.

09.09.2018 by MilkToast
Lotus 2 Speedruns

Submitted the other Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Speedruns, now every course is covered with a decent time. You can watch them on Speedrun.com.

Watch Speedruns
08.09.2018 by MilkToast
New Speedruns

Submitted two new Lotus 2 Turbo Challenge runs to Speedrun.com. Challenge me if you got the ballz!

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28.07.2018 by MilkToast
New Speedruns

I have uploaded several Warlords Speedruns. Go check out the Speedrun section and witness how Gray Dwarves, Horse Lords, Storm Giants, Elvallie or the Orcs of Kor are gaining victory.

Watch Speedruns
29.06.2018 by MilkToast

The brandnew section for speedrunning of Amiga games is available now. Runs for The Settlers and Warlords are online.

Watch Speedruns
27.05.2018 by MilkToast
UI-Update (HTML) 0.97

Hurra, the new HTML version of this website in all its retro glory has launched today.

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04.02.2018 by MilkToast
UI-Update 0.93

Integrated tiles as main user interface, get rid off the bottom bar, did some minor color chances, already doing the next update :)

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23.01.2018 by MilkToast
MeeMe (Message Me)

You can write me a message via MeeMe, its a simple messenger. This feature is atm only available at the Java version of this website.

11.11.2017 by MilkToast

Credits are now available, look who is and was responsible for all that.

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11.11.2017 by MilkToast
UI-Update 0.80

A new UI-Update was released, look into the Archiv section to see what this site was looking like in the past

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19.07.2017 by MilkToast
Comunio Update 1.02

New overall Design, new Statistics, performance Update, more details for each Player

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14.06.2017 by MilkToast
KickIn Update< 0.93a

Content Pack goes online: Generate random teams, create custom teams, highscore added

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30.11.2016 by MilkToast
UI-Update 0.56

A new UI-Update was released, look into the Archiv section to see what this site was looking like in the past

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06.10.2016 by MilkToast
Comunio Update 0.92

This section holds all the statistics from Comunio about this sides owners own Comunio community. This is not very interesting for most of the people.

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03.10.2016 by MilkToast
Roshambo Update 1.3

More rivals, More taunts, Music included (by The Clifford Experience) Have fun Play Roshambo

27.09.2016 by MilkToast
Roshambo Update 1.12

New difficulty mode "Impossible" is now available, can you beat it?

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21.09.2016 by MilkToast
Admin Area activated


13.09.2016 by MilkToast
KickIn (v. 0.89) released

Play the most basic football-sportsmanager simulation ever made, can you survive the season?

Play KickIn
19.08.2016 by MilkToast
Roshambo (v. 0.93) released

Roshambo is a simple Paper,Scissor, Rock game,just try it. It features stuff like: permanent online Highscore, different difficulty modes and some clever AI opponents. Play Roshambo

15.08.2016 by MilkToast
Milktoastudios 4.0 released

Well this took a while to become more active in the Internet again (roughly couple of years ago), but I decided to start something new, lets see how things will continue. Have fun.

25.07.2016 by MilkToast






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